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Diverse Voices,
United World.

Experience the power of stories and service to build connection, empathy and understanding around the world.


Welcome to Stories without Borders!

We believe that representation in books and other media is important. Sharing both real and fictional stories by and about people from diverse backgrounds can help promote compassion and inspire us all to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Here, you'll find books and other content for teens and tweens that resonate with a variety of experiences, from addressing current social issues to personal growth. You'll also find opportunities to connect with other people and organizations dedicated to making a positive impact on society. (Resource list will be uploaded shortly.)


In the near future, we'll launch a podcast featuring interviews with authors, artists, and creators who portray diverse experiences as well as activists and entrepreneurs working on relevant social issues.

Stories Without Borders is the perfect platform for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the world around them. We believe that exploring new and unfamiliar perspectives is essential for personal growth and development, and we're excited to share our favorite books and resources with you!


Helping Refugee & Migrant Kids through Yes We Can World Foundation

In addition to providing informational resources, Stories Without Borders partners with nonprofits to address current social issues. Right now, we are uniting efforts from six LA schools to collect supplies and raise funds for Yes We Can World Foundation, to provide education to refugee and migrant kids. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to our GoFundMe campaign!

Yes We Can World Foundation is an award winning nonprofit leading education efforts for refugee and migrant children at the US-MX border. Their mission is to provide quality bilingual education and mental health resources to children regardless of their location, legal status and/or economic background.


Yes We Can World Foundation founded the Yes We Can Mobile Schools Programs, the first accredited bilingual school program for refugee and migrant children at the US-MX border. Yes We Can has provided school enrollment for over 3,500 refugee and migrant children!


We are excited to partner with Yes We Can to help them provide education to more kids in need. 100% of funds raised will go directly to Yes We Can to provide school supplies, educational materials, books, and other pressing needs of the refugee and migrant children living at the shelters.


To learn more about Yes We Can visit:



Our team of Stories Without Borders Founding Ambassadors: Lilly W, Carolina B, Isa K, Samara G, Hollyn A, Belén M, Aman M, Juhi M, Gabi K, Thea G, Vale C


Coming Soon..

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Featured Episodes

Book Review: The Skin I’m In, by Sharon Flake

In this regularly occurring series, we will share and recommend books we are reading. We’ll analyze the themes, synopsis (without spoiling too much!), and our overall impressions of the book.

On the Importance of Diversity in Literature

 Literature opens up different worlds, perspectives, and experiences. But what happens when literature leaves out certain voices? In this podcast, we’ll talk about why it is important that the literature we read represents the full diversity of human experience. 


Hollyn Alpert

Hollyn is a trilingual bibliophile, a passionate advocate for social justice, and an award-winning artist with a love for creative writing, music, acting, drawing and painting.

Her deep compassion for others is what led her to found a Social Justice Book Club in 5th grade, inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. Hollyn is also an avid writer, thespian and a huge Mitski fan.

Whether she's immersed in a good book or expressing herself through art, Hollyn's mission is always clear: to amplify stories that foster empathy and inspire solutions to social issues. With this website, service projects, podcast and educational resources, Hollyn is determined to use her platform to bring people of diverse backgrounds together and build understanding about our common humanity.


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Female Representation

What happens when young girls don’t see themselves in the literature that they read? In this podcast, we’ll talk about what female experiences are missing from young adult literature, why it’s important for girls to have access to books with female protagonists, and look at a few examples of novels with prominent female characters. 

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