Board of Directors


Lorez Meinhold, President

Lorez brings over fifteen years of health care policy experience as a director of multi-lateral initiatives involving the public, private and civic sectors, working at the local, state, and national levels. Lorez has worked in many capacities implementing and integrating health programs, connecting early childhood and health communities, delivery and payment system reforms, and efforts that required statewide stakeholder engagement. Prior to joining The Keystone Center, Lorez served as the Deputy Executive Director and Director of Community Partnerships for the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing. She also served as a Senior Policy Advisor for Governor Hickenlooper and Senior Health Advisor for Governor Ritter. Prior to her work at the state, she served as a Senior Policy/ Program Officer at the Colorado Health Foundation as well as serving as the founding Executive Director of the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative.


Meredith Hogan, Vice President

Meredith commissions and produces interactive stories with independent visual journalists, film makers and production companies for VERSE. Previously, she was senior multimedia editor for special projects at and Her work there ranged from commissioning breaking news iPhone photography and editing the popular Week in Pictures to producing long-form web documentaries. Meredith's projects earned recognition from organizations such as the Online News Association, Pictures of the Year International and the National Press Photographers Association.

Michael Hicks, Treasurer

Michael is currently employed at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, where he has served in the role of a Patent Examiner for over 10 years, with over half of that time in the capacity of a Primary Patent Examiner. Prior to his work for the USPTO, Michael studied Computer Engineer at The Pennsylvania State University, from which he received a Bachelor of Science degree in 2005. He brings strong financial knowledge to the Board as well as a wealth of experience, from his time at the USPTO, in merging disparate viewpoints into a unified vision. Michael contributes the perspective of an audience to the collective viewpoint of the Board, in contrast to a producer, editor or storyteller.


Samantha Lien, Chairperson

Samantha holds over 10 years of experience in marketing and management for a variety of industries, and currently runs her own firm, Roger Charlie. She specializes in offering creative professionals publicity and management with a personal approach through communications – particularly to musicians, small businesses and authors.
She holds a Masters of Business and Entertainment Management from the University of Colorado – Denver, where she participated in “London Calling,” a program designed to study international business in the entertainment industry, and a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Northern Arizona University.
Her biggest dedications lie with travel and music, mostly due to their ability to connect and impact people so strongly. These passions are apparent not just in her professional career but in her personal endeavors as well. In 2013, she and her husband established “Songs for Jake,” a music-collaboration channel designed with the simple mission of getting great songs to one really big music lover.

Mark Pergola  

Mark is a third generation Denver native. He lived in New York City for seven years where he trained as an actor at Marymount Manhattan College. He works in Denver theatre as an actor and now as a director. He has worked with a variety of communities including young children, teens, people with disabilities and Alzheimer’s patients to express their experiences through the arts. He defines his sense of humor and understanding of life through the television show The Golden Girls which he still watches daily. He loves stories for their ability to ask us to embrace contradictions rather than reconcile them.

Sudhir Kudva

Sudhir is a Denver business owner and philanthropist. He earned his degree in finance from University of Colorado Boulder – Leeds School of Business. His professional experience includes oversight of large for profit and nonprofit organizations. 


Dr. M.D. Kinoti, Advisory Chair: The Mouths That Eat From Tea Documentary Project

Kinoti has over 20 years of professional experience in community development, working with World Vision International in rural and urban community development in East Africa, youth and community development in Los Angeles, and in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in Africa, Asia, and Latin America through Lifewater International.

Kinoti’s career in active international community development and teaching have led to his involvement in numerous consulting roles with national and international non-governmental organizations (INGOs)—especially in designing strategic poverty-reduction programs. Some of the organizations, which he has worked with, include those involved in holistic community development, economic and community development (including setting up microfinance and social entrepreneurship programs), water development, preventative community health and youth development.

Kinoti is a current board chair of the Farm Concern International (, a board member of the Colorado Nonprofit Association (, and an advisory member of the Global Youth Peace Corps (

Suandria Hall, Founding Board Member

Sundria is as curious today as she was at age 12.  Asking questions (often too many), learning how things works (including taking them apart and reassembling), and then taking what she discovers into her life as lessons learned to be applied.  She’s spent 18 years in the healthcare arena from public health, finance, IT training and research.  But behind the desk has never been enough.  She’s also spent time working and volunteering with business and organizations that help and give voice to those often unheard.

She’s volunteered with Girls Inc. facilitating programs in public schools teaching girls about decision making, communication, building self-esteem and confidence and coping with life changes in their school and home life.  She’s also worked with My Sister’s House, as a mentor to at-risk youth and Sisters Loving Sisters working with college aged women.   In 2012 she developed a program for teen girls called Choice Power, a six-week program for teen girls.  Based primarily on topics she wished were openly discussed as a teen herself as well as wonderings gathered from the girls she’s worked with, Choice Power discusses the value of making quality choices, planning for life and learning the power of owning your Yes and No.

These giving opportunities fueled her to return to school to pursue a psychology degree and plans to counsel and coach.  Additionally she’s trained with the Glasser Institute receiving certification in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy and with the Rocky Mountain Brainspotting Institute gaining certification in Brainspotting Therapy.  With a purpose to share and assist others as much as she can, she believes in support, education, personal responsibility, quality choices, counseling, and anything that will promote strength, understanding and the resiliency of the human spirit. 

Grant Southwick, Founding Board Member

After graduating from Boston University, Grant worked at ESPN as an assistant Producer where he created packages for ESPN’s top programs such as sportscenter, baseball tonight, NFL Live and other shows. The experience was thrilling, however Grant was disheartened by the lack of the creativity in the business as well as the poor beauracratiuc structure. He sought opportunities elsewhere and eventually found a job as a consultant. During this time Grant kept active in film and video. He produced multiple-hour long documentaries for the upstart His favorite was a piece chronicling the old rivalry between two high schools in the poverty-stricken regions of East Los Angeles.

Mike Shum, Founding Board Member

Mike is an Emmy-finalist and award-winning filmmaker who works extensively in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. He is producing two feature-length films, one about the photojournalist Chris Hondros and another about warlords in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He is based in Denver, Colorado and travels frequently for shorter term projects. Mike is also one half of Fox Tale Films, a production company he began in 2013 with the writer and filmmaker Greg Campbell.

Lisa Harris, Founding Board Member

Lisa is the Founder and President of Projection Digital. For over 17 years, Lisa Harris has created innovative online communications for nonprofits, foundations and smart businesses. In late 2013, she founded Projection Digital to help organizations implement engaging, dynamic online presences that are sustainable and authentic. Her goal is to be a trusted advisor navigating the ever-changing landscape of digital communications.

Lisa has deep roots working in the nonprofit and foundation communities in Colorado, North Carolina and Maryland. She began her career as a women’s rights advocate and in this role, she launched one of the country’s first women’s online advocacy portals. Lisa previously worked in communications at Rose Community Foundation and for five years, she directed the Colorado Health Foundation’s web and social media efforts. Her professional background also includes serving as an interactive senior project manager at NetCorps in Durham, NC and as a development officer at the Maryland Historical Society.

Lisa’s web and social media projects have received numerous awards including a Ragan Digital PR and Social Media Award for her work at the Colorado Health Foundation. Lisa currently serves on the boards of the Colorado Healthcare Communicators and Stories without Borders. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech and a master’s degree from the University of Denver.


James Chance, Founder, Visual Director

James is an award-winning photographer and cinematographer whose work has regularly been featured in major international and American publications—including The Wall St. Journal, Newsweek, The Guardian and Le Monde. He also produces images for the nonprofit and commercial sectors. James has a Master’s Degree in Visual Communication from Ohio University. Samples of James’ photography work can be found on and on his personal website: He served as Director of Photography and co-Executive Producer of the 2013 feature-length documentary, Living with the Dead, produced in Manila, Philippines.


Jessica Chance, Founder, Executive Director

A graduate of Ohio University’s Scripps’s School of Journalism, Jessica is an award-winning multimedia producer and communications specialist with 12 years of experience working with NGOs, Foundations and smart businesses. She has been producing multimedia stories since 2006. Jessica founded Chance Multimedia in 2007 with James Chance. Chance Multimedia has worked with many local, national and international organizations to produce beautiful and effective visual stories through production and consulting. She is the Director and co-Executive Producer of the 2013 feature-length documentary, Living with the Dead, produced in Manila, Philippines. In 2013, she founded Stories Without Borders to further her life’s mission to work independently and in strategic partnership with organizations to tell underreported stories and empower new storytellers.

Alex Sandberg, Editor and Cinematographer

Alex is a visual storyteller with a passion for the beauty and wonders of the natural world. Hailing from our nation’s capital, Alex has always had an interest in political activism and hopes to use the power of filmmaking and photography to foster conversation and inspire positive change. He is an avid environmentalist and outdoor enthusiast, and spends as much time as possible in the woods and mountains, beyond the reach of cell phone service and work emails. He has a degree in Communications and Production from Northeastern University.



Chloe Wittry, Project Manager

Chloe is a journalist with a passion for the art of visual storytelling. She has a Technical Journalism degree from Colorado State University – Fort Collins. She has experience capturing interesting stories through a variety of mediums including photography, video and writing. Her curiosity and fervor about unique people and the untold story took her to Chance Multimedia where she is coordinating all aspects of production and client relations.