The most trusted messengers are personal connection and people with lived experience with mental illness.

Stories Without Borders (SWB) received a Special Projects Program Grant from The Colorado Health Foundation to support Sharing Stories. Our goal is to normalize accessing mental health treatment in order to shorten the time between when people begin to experience mental health symptoms and when they access care. In 2017, SWB held a eight week workshop with activities that lead to a series of true stories of people who have successfully navigated challenges on their way to mental wellness and well-being. These stories will be available at as free communication tools - available to any person, teacher, organization or advocate that wishes to use them to start new conversations and normalize the very common need for mental health treatment.

To follow the stories of our five participants and to learn more, click the Sharing Stories logo below.

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Key Takeaways

Effective messages are experience-driven, include personal stories and fears, are realistic and acknowledge the range of experiences from “funk to crisis.”
The average time between someone experiencing mental health disturbance, from anxiety and depression to suicidal ideation, and the time they reach out for help, is currently ten years.”

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