Beyond the Wall: Part 1 (Part II can be found here)

The world changed on November 8th, 2016 in a terrifying way for children of undocumented immigrants.

When Donald Trump became the President Elect following campaign promises to repeal the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), build a wall along the Mexican border and deport millions of immigrants, divisive rhetoric became a potential reality for millions of children, families and the businesses - all humans who are critical parts of our communities and economic ecosystem. Today, so much is unknown: Will President Trump follow through on the promises of Candidate Trump? However, within so much uncertainty there is an opportunity to build public will to resist these proposed measures which would tear families apart and threaten our economy.

Beyond the Wall is a rapid-response film born of a grant Stories Without Borders received from The Fledgling Fund that explores the current political climate through the eyes and voices of the children of undocumented immigrants, their teachers, and business leaders in Denver Colorado.

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The Mouths that Eat from Tea: Chapter 1

Kenya is the largest exporter of black tea in the world. Lipton is one of their largest buyers. More than half of that tea – 60% – is grown by small farmers on one to three acres of land. Much of this tea can be called “fair trade”… But how fair is it? The Mouths that Eat from Tea is exploring the lives of small tea farmers in Kenya, and how those lives are defined and limited by the people who buy and sell the tea they grow.  A feature-length documentary is currently in production and the first installment will be published online in a, a new interactive storytelling platform in 2016.

 Stories Without Borders is grateful to Farm Concern International for their logistical support of this project. 

Living with the Dead (49 min.)
Life Inside an Informal Community in Manila

Manila is the most densely populated city in the world with an average of 43,000 people living per square kilometer. In the center of this heaving metropolis lies the North Cemetery. The final resting place of several Filipino Presidents, celebrities, and hundreds of thousands of the city’s Catholic dead, the cemetery is also home to a living community of more than 2,000 people.

In a country where around 40 percent of people live below the poverty line, and overpopulation in Manila is reaching desperate proportions, the cemetery provides a unique residence for the hundreds of families that live and work within its walls.

This short trailer provides an introduction to the larger documentary feature: Living with the Dead. The film touches on important global topics such as population growth, inadequate urban infrastructure and housing, access to reproductive health education and family planning, separation of church and state, the impact of WWII on the city of Manila and much more, through the lives and stories of the residents of the North Cemetery.

Stories Without Borders and Chance Multimedia produced this feature-length documentary over a period of six years. It has won multiple awards and been featured in film festivals across the U.S., and screened in The Philippines and France.

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