Stories without Borders works independently and in strategic partnership with organizations to tell underreported stories and empower new storytellers.


Stories Without Borders exists to produce content that connects people across borders: cultural, geographic, political, socioeconomic or otherwise.

We work closely with organizations to strategically produce, place, and distribute high-quality visual stories so that they are seen and felt by stakeholders in order to further define missions and create important and measurable outcomes that deepen understanding and create new possibilities for communication within and between communities.

We empower and train new, non-traditionally trained storytellers to share their stories responsibly and with integrity, in order to bring new experiences and voices to light.

Storyteller Code of Ethics

  1. Every story has a point of view. We represent our point of view honestly and accurately.

  2. We value the people who participate in our stories above the story itself. Therefore, we endeavor to represent a story subject’s point of view accurately, and will never manipulate someone’s story to make it something it is not.

  3. We acknowledge the inherent power imbalance in storytelling, and communicate clearly with all storytellers about the story, our goals and point of view. Storytellers decide to participate given this information.

  4. We never manipulate a story or coerce a subject to participate that is afraid or unwilling.

  5. We do what we can to ensure that participating in our story adds value to their life. And we endeavor to do no harm to the people we depict.

  6. We practice empathy as storytellers. We treat people as people; not tools or tokens.