SWB Secretary Lorez Meinhold

Lorez is currently the Senior Policy Director at The Keystone Center and has been in the Health Care Policy world for over 15 years. Her expertise in rules and regulations in this arena, along with her vast experience with non-profits and consulting, led founder Jessica Chance to convince Lorez to be an integral part of SWB.

But it wasn’t just her extensive qualifications and impressive background that led SWB to seek out Lorez’s participation; it was also knowing that Lorez has the same drive and dedication to the social consciousness that is part of the organization’s mission.

Lorez lives her life with passion, and you can tell when speaking with her that travel and adventure are truly a part of who she is. With a mom who traveled for a living, Lorez was raised with many beautiful experiences and has continued the tradition as an adult. But, of course, she has stepped it up a few notches. Instead of traveling for pure pleasure, Lorez makes it a priority to incorporate some type of volunteerism and community service in her personal vacations, making a positive impact everywhere she goes. She speaks to these amazing service trips that she takes with a tremendous amount of humility, maybe not understanding how rare it is for a person to dedicate their life to positive change and generosity.

Thankfully, Lorez has enough generosity leftover for SWB. She has seen the need that we wish to impact through story-telling and has brought a broad knowledge of the non-profit sect and her beautiful spirit to help that mission. That combination allows Lorez to continue to be a part of a social message that she is so passionate about and allows us to be blessed with her as Board Secretary.