Introducing Sami Jo Lien, SWB Chairperson

A publicist brain with a wanderlust heart.

A perfect combination for Stories Without Borders.

Sami Jo Lien, owner and founder of Roger Charlie, world traveler, musician spouse, and enthusiastic sister, is now also the elected chairperson for Stories Without Borders.

Sami Jo’s decision to become involved with SWB came about a few years ago, in a most fitting way; while in another country.  On her honeymoon, committed to avoiding work and distraction, Sami couldn’t help but relent and respond to an email inquiry from Jessica Chance.  Always in awe of the Chance’s talent and passion, Sami immediately said yes to the opportunity to be a board member for the new non-profit. 

Sami’s insane talent and enigmatic personality have since proven to be beyond valuable to SWB. She nonchalantly talks about her 12+ years of experience and success in the publicity and marketing arena as if it’s not impressive. The resume itself is impressive, but add on starting her own publicity company, Roger Charlie, and having that company out-perform her own high expectations, and it’s obvious that Sami Jo is worthy of any and all praise.

But out of all of her accomplishments and travels and interests, she lights up and her huge heart swells the most when she talks about her brother, Jake, and the project she started for him 3 years ago, Songs For Jake.

Jake is living with Cerebral Palsy across the country, but Sami Jo and her husband have found an amazing way to stay connected with him through their shared love of music.  It started with the duo recreating favorite songs of Jake’s and sending them to him once a week.  A simple way for both sides to enjoy some music and recognize their brother-sister bond. 

The simplicity didn’t last long.

Musicians, bands and friends from all over have seen the importance and the fun in this project, creating their own musical dedications to Jake. Amazing artists and voices from every genre are happily making music for Jake on a weekly basis.  And it’s no wonder that people want to contribute; they’re just following Sami’s passion and can’t help but recognize the joy in everything that she touches.

So now, as an elected chairperson, Sami Jo has graciously agreed to bring all of the attributes that have made her a successful publicist and beautiful person to Stories Without Borders. She keeps everyone on-task and accountable, knowing that great things are bound to happen with the team that Jessica Chance has assembled.

Her publicist brain and wanderlust heart will make sure of it.