The State of "Stories"


Cambodia, 2008 - Jessica Chance shows Yai and Yong pictures of themselves while reporting on multiple drug resistant TB at an HIV treatment center run by Buddhist monks in Siem Reap. MDR TB is an increasing threat to people living with HIV in SE Asia.

Stories Without Borders was born when the people behind production company Chance Multimedia saw a need: 

As journalists and filmmakers in a click-bait world, we knew that there was a great need in our society for in-depth, human-centered storytelling on issues that don’t receive attention in the media.

The organizations we were serving, and the communities they served, needed to build capacity to tell their own stories. In order to tackle these issues we needed a nonprofit media outlet that could also apply our tools and staff expertise to empower new nonprofit storytellers in our local and global community.

Since then we’ve been busy!

Living with the Dead, a multiple award winning feature-length documentary we produced, has brought the issues that hundreds of thousands of Filipinos living in informal communities face everyday to new audiences across the United States, Europe and in Manila.

We’ve given storytelling workshops and provided trainings to nonprofit organizations and filmmakers in Colorado and in Senegal. And we’re poised to release the first installment of a series of stories examining the lives of Kenyan farmers who grow the tea we drink.

Like any group on a mission, we have our share of challenges, too. We’re grateful to have incredible guidance and support of an impressive coalition on this journey: Our Board of Directors, advisors, staff and volunteers.  

Our new website is the first of many initiatives we are launching in the coming months.... We have so much to share! 

Keep an eye on the blog for more illuminating stories, opportunities and peeks at the people and challenges driving our cause to produce powerful stories that work for communities. 

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Thanks for reading,

Jessica and the SWB Team