A Year in Review: Lifelines


Happy Holiday season to you all! At Stories Without Borders, we thank you all for your incredible support in 2017. And what a year it was!

We're very excited to share our work with you! From today through the beginning of 2018 we'll give you a weekly peek into the stories we were able to capture this year.

Lifelines is a documentary in partnership with Status: Code 4, Inc. that features the real stories of our First Responders and the issues they face daily, including many aspects of the the culture that people don't often know about. The stories from police, firefighters and EMS will explore and uncover issues of mental health, stigma, relationships, and more.

Through their personal stories, we were introduced to the brave first responders in Colorado and learned how they support each other after experiencing trauma. We appreciate their courage to share their stories to help others. We always walked away from a day of filming learning something new and excited to share what we just heard. In September, we released the trailer on Facebook and since then, it’s been viewed over 170K times organically. Click the image below to view the Lifelines Trailer.


More updates about Lifelines distribution and videos in 2018.

Lifelines trailer 

Lifelines trailer