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This project illustrates the lives of undocumented immigrants and young refugees as they face challenges while integrating with their communities. 

The story follows the lives of two young people navigating the struggles and barriers of building a life in America’s current social climate -- an undocumented Mexican immigrant and a young Syrian refugee.  As these two work toward different leadership positions in their communities, we see what it looks like for them to create a home, cultivate an identity, and become “American.” The film follows these young characters in depth as they break the barriers to being an “outsider” in America, and prove that the adversity and hardship they face in our current political climate is being used as fodder to build even stronger and more courageous communities.

After years of being protected under DACA, Victor Galván, an undocumented Mexican immigrant, is facing the end of his protection and struggling to become a citizen after years of building a life in America. Maryam Abdilah is a young Syrian refugee who left family members back home to build a life here. She is an inspired writer who longs for a place in America, and is participating in a youth leadership program to find her sense of self in a foreign place that isn’t always welcoming. 

The film also weaves interviews with immigration lawyers, teachers and professors to paint the picture of America’s immigration history and develop a clearer lens through which we can view our current political and social climate. The film will provide an alternative narrative to the rhetoric we so often hear about immigrants and refugees in America, create empathy for young immigrants who are actively trying to strengthen the fabric of our culture, and through authentic, personal storytelling, challenge what it means to be American.

The film will cover issues of immigration, immigration reform, refugee status and rights in America, the history of our country’s treatment of foreigners, particularly people of color, and the theme of how young people face growing up without the safety and security required to build a strong sense of self and purpose, and what they do in such adversity. The film will raise questions about our political policy in America, how we treat immigrants and refugees, and what we can do to create a more inclusive country.

The story is pertinent now because of the aggressive policy changes and rhetoric that has prevailed since the 2016 election. But to get beyond the news cycle, our film will present the very authentic stories of three characters affected by the events or sentiments that occurred or existed long before the 2016 election. The fabric of our culture is rapidly changing with increasing demographic changes, and the affects of those changes should be humanized through personal stories to afford audience a chance to connect with the individuals that make up their own communities that they may not interact with on a day-to-day basis.