We produce content that connects people across borders: cultural, geographic, political, socioeconomic or otherwise.


Many thanks to Jeanette for sharing her story with us for the March anthology, and for Alan Dominguez for filming and editing her message.


Why Choose Stories Without Borders?

Respect for Story and Storytellers

We are an organization that tells true stories. We do not sacrifice truth for a “better,” story. We honor our storytellers by editing their own experiences in a way that reflects their true experience.

People before Projects

We value self-care. Sick staff, storytellers and clients should take care of themselves before the work. That being said, we honor our deadlines and do our best to balance our own needs with the needs of those we serve.

Honesty and Accountability

We are honest in our interactions with each other. As soon as we discover a mistake has been made, we make sure to tell someone immediately, and ask for help. When we make mistakes, we do our best to immediately remedy the situation and take responsibility for our actions.

Clients and Relationships

Our funders, storytellers and the community are our clients, and we recognize that we could not do this work without them, and we treat them with that level of respect. If a client does not respect us, in word, deed, or by not honoring agreements, we reserve the ability to let that client know the situation, and discontinue the relationship if it does not improve.

We produce powerful films that work for communities.